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Coating Inspection Criteria

K-Lite high performance coated glass products are produced to the highest technical standards using state of the art production plant and control systems. Product quality is monitored on a minute by minute basis resulting in quality of product that is second to none in the world.

As with any product, absolute perfection is only something that we can constantly strive to achieve. Minor fault allowances do therefore have to be made and recognized accordingly. The following guidelines set out the criteria that must be observed for the inspection of    K-Lite coated glass products as installed.


All K-Lite products should be inspected from a distance of not less than 3 meters from the glass surface in a bright uniform daylight background.

Inspection should involve looking through the glass and not at the glass.

The critical viewing area for inspection is defined as an oval or circle with axes corresponding to the width and height of the glass vision area. (See Fig 1)

Figure 1

Figure 1


Pinholes of 1.5mm – 2.0mm in diameter on a distribution not exceeding one pinhole per square metre.

  1. Clusters exceeding 3 pinholes at 1.0mm to 1.5mm within a cluster area of 300mm x 300mm are deemed not acceptable. (See Fig 2)
  2. Clusters exceeding 5 pinholes at 0.5mm to 1.0mm within a cluster area of 400mm x 400mm are deemed not acceptable. (See Fig 2)
Figure 2

Figure 2


Minor scratches which are not visually obtrusive when looking through the glass are acceptable. (See Fig 3)

Figure 3

Figure 3


At a distance of 3 meters from the glass surface at a viewing angle of 45degrees and 90degrees some shading variation and mottling may be noticed. This is deemed normal and acceptable in all coated glass products.

K-Lite high performance glass delivered to insulating glass unit manufacturers should be inspected on receipt and any defects reported immediately to Saudi American Glass Factory, for further investigation.

Insulating glass unit manufacturers must handle, process and fabricate K-Lite glass in full accordance with procedures and systems agreed with Saudi American Glass Factory.