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Saudi American Glass wins SR20 million projects in Kingdom

DUBAI – Saudi American Glass [SAG], a subsidiary of Dubai Investments PJSC and a leading processor of architectural high-performance flat glass across the Middle East, has signed new projects valued over SR20 million in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The new projects awarded to SAG include Bayat Plaza in Jeddah [SR9.5 million], Rashid Mall in Abha [SR3.3 million], Riyadh Park Mall in Riyadh [SR1.8 million], SPIMACO HQ building in Riyadh [SR2.6 million], Movenpick Hotel in Riyadh [SR1.6 million] and Marriot Hotel in Riyadh [SR1.1 million].

Over 100,000 square meters of K-Lite high performance glass from Saudi American Glass in various colors are being used in the projects. The K-lite glass offers high strength resistance against stress and wind flex, optimum performance in terms of thermal insulation and also offers added protection in the case of breakage.

The company’s strong project portfolio comes in the wake of rampant construction activity in the Kingdom. According to the industry reports, Saudi Arabia’s projects market in 2016 boasts $500 billion worth of schemes in the pre-execution spanning the power and water, transport, hydrocarbons and construction sectors.

Riswanullah Khan, Executive President of SAG, said: “In the midst of emerging opportunities in Saudi Arabia construction market, which is witnessing phenomenal growth, Saudi American Glass is reaffirming its growing market domination with new projects. The impressive project portfolio speaks volume about Saudi American Glass’ track record in the country and its capabilities to meet the stringent technical specifications required for the state-of-the-art iconic projects across the Kingdom. One of the salient features of SAG’s growth in the market is the ever-increasing demand of its K-Lite high performance glass for the various projects.

With K-Lite solar control and low emessivity glasses, the radiant heat from the sun and conducted heat from warm air are controlled, so that it does not put excessive pressure on the air conditioning systems leading to optimum efficiency. These high-performance glasses have been used in university projects across Dammam, Najran, Jizan, Madinah, Hail, Tabuk and Qassim.

SAg is also the exclusive Middle East partner for privacy switchable and electronically tintable glasses from UK-based Smartglass International. The technology allows instant privacy at the flick of a switch, and offer unmatched potential and hospitality projects. Smartglass is currently enhancing environments in over 33 countries around the globe.

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