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About Us


Saudi American Glass Company is a subsidiary of Glass LLC, the first-of-its-kind and the only glass holding company in the region and part of Dubai Investments.

Saudi American Glass Company (SAGCO) was established in 1978 and through diligent investment and expansion has become one of the largest and best equipped suppliers of processed architectural glass in the Middle East.

In 1993 SAGCO pioneered the introduction of MSVD Technology into the region when it established the first coating plant for the production of High Performance Solar Control glasses. Such was the success of this venture that it was followed in 1999 by the establishment of a second, much larger, coater that enabled SAGCO to produce a much wider range of products in order to even better satisfy the growing and more demanding requirements of both architects and building owners.

In 2006 SAGCO was acquired by Dubai Investments and has since been successfully operated as a part of its Glass LLC portfolio which includes Emirates Float Glass, Emirates Glass, Lumiglass and Emirates Insolaire. Since then, the Company has undergone continuous expansion through substantial investment in state-of-the-art cutting, edge working, drilling and tempering equipment with the aim of ensuring that SAGCO maintains its place as the Company that delivers solutions in glass and meets the highest requirements of Quality and Performance.

SAGCO is, and has always been, committed to provide the best possible product, at the best price, and with the best possible technical support to all of its clients for all its projects.

The Executive Management of SAUDI AMERICAN GLASS COMPANY LTD. is committed to providing products and services that consistently meet the needs and expectations of our Customers.

It is our policy to assist our Customers with applications to meet their requirements and we endeavour to provide glass systems which allow the greatest freedom of expression for the designer, to create a dramatic sense of colour, light and space
It is also our policy to ensure that the glass systems we provide satisfy relevant Security, Environmental and Health & Safety requirements.
We recognize the critical importance of our Customers’ deadlines and consequently, in addition to making glass of consistent and excellent quality, SAGCO follow modern procedures to ensure that we meet our production and delivery targets.  

Our Customer Service and Planning departments ensure prompt attention to pricing, scheduling and requests for information on potential applications and the status of work-in-progress – including the provision of samples and “mock-up” glass.

Corporate strategy is determined and objectives are set at all levels within the organization to support this strategy.  It is our policy to ensure that our performance to these objectives is measured and analysed to enable us to continually improve our products and services.
The importance of Customer satisfaction, together with our policies, plans, quality objectives and performance are communicated throughout the organization so that everyone is aware of their respective responsibilities and contribution to Quality.

To this end, we have established a Quality Management System to ISO 9001: 2000 which is regularly reviewed to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.
We have a general policy of providing first class training to all of our staff to enable their complete involvement in the business

The Executive Management have established corporate objectives to ensure that we have a basis for ensuring improvements in customer satisfaction, business performance, productivity, relations with suppliers and the competence of our people. These corporate objectives will provide a basis for improvement and a focus for all of our staff:

  • To ensure that we monitor the level of customer satisfaction with our products and services so that we have a sound basis for continually improving customer relations and thereby increasing our market share.
  • To monitor the performance of our business processes so that we can continually improve the efficiency of our operations and productivity.
  • To continually reduce the level of internal nonconformance in relation to the level of business – not only in the products and services provided, but also in the Quality Management System.
  • To continually monitor the performance of our Suppliers, as they can contribute significantly to the overall efficiency of the business.
  • To ensure that we have an adequate level of competence within our staff. This is brought about by careful recruitment and by arranging and providing adequate training.

We ensure that the objectives are:

  • Measurable and relevant to our improvement aims
  • Considered to be achievable and set against timescales
  • Understood at all levels within the company

Our quality system is planned to achieve these objectives by setting targets for the performance of our processes and reviewing our performance – and the objectives themselves – at Management Review and other periods as appropriate to the process or situation.



Detailed responsibilities are defined in the processes and procedures – the key management responsibilities are as follows:-

General Manager

Overall control of the Company’s administration and financial management
Establishing Corporate Quality Policy and Objectives – and ensuring they are communicated throughout
Executive review of Quality and chairing Management Review meetings
Ensuring that suitable resources, including plant and equipment, are provided

Commercial Manager

Overall implementation of sales and marketing activities
Ensuring that enquiries and orders are processed according to requirements
Reviewing enquiries and contracts and providing estimates
Preparing estimates, usually resulting from site visits
Resolving enquiry and order problems with the Customer
Implementing and monitoring Customer care issues
Ensuring that contract requirements, including variations, are fully documented

Operations Development Manager

Overall control of the projects, machineries and company’s developmental issues
Resolving issues relating to projects and contracts
Ensuring that supportive business objectives and processes are established
Ensuring that processes and tests are performed based on the established products standards
Ensuring that relationships between processes and results are determined for review and evaluation
Effective implementation and application of the resources

Factory Manager

The day to day overseeing of the production and order administration functions.
The implementation of company policy extending from in-house issues to issues relating to the image of the company in the market place.
Ensuring that a safe working environment is maintained
Ensuring maintenance is carried out and actions recorded
Control of recruitment, training and monitoring human resources

Quality Management Representative

Ensuring that the Company’s Quality Policies and Systems are properly documented
Controlling and issuing the Quality System Documentation
Maintaining the Quality Management System
Ensuring all Company personnel have the necessary awareness of Quality
Carrying out/arranging internal quality audits
Reporting to Top Management on the performance of the Quality Management System

Purchasing Manager/Coordinator

Ensuring that goods and materials are properly and fully specified
Ensuring that all purchase requirements are verified as required
Assessing and monitoring Suppliers

Production Coordinator

Executing the Work Order
Arranging Transportation and shipment
Controlling the warehouse operations
Ensuring that a safe working environment is maintained

Customer Liaison Officer

Planning and issuing the work

Maintenance Manager

Ensuring maintenance is carried outand actions recorded

Personnel Manager

Control of recruitment, training and monitoring human resources

Operations Supervisor

Monitoring and control of material usage
Issuing production schedules
Control of the Capacity Planning System