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Saudi American Glass have an established reputation as the  supplier of Solar Control Glasses used on many of Kingdom’s most well known buildings. We are also known as the place to come when Security and Fire Resistant Glasses are required. As well as working with Architects and Facade & Security Consultants on these Glasses we also have a range of Special Products that offer new and exciting opportunities to both these people and Interior Designers and Decorators. Our range of Special Products includes :


Digital Printing

Digital Printing Machine:


Door backsplash lifts and staircases Partition Shower Door Wall Decoration Glass Facades Stone Wood


Colored Laminated Glass

Laminated Glasses with Coloured PVB Interlayers,  that can be mixed in order to achieve virtually any RAL or Pantone Colour, are now available from Saudi American Glass. Internal Glazed Screens can now be customized to blend in with any decorative scheme.  KLite Coatings can even be applied to these laminated Glasses so that Glazed Facades can now have High Performance Glasses in any colour that may be needed. The following Video explains how the System works :


(Video Credit: Vanceva)



Saudi American Glass are Inlaid Partners of Sefar Architecture. We are the only Company in Saudi Arabia certified as processers of Sefar Architecture Fabric Vision Interlayers for Laminated Glasses. This product is a black precision fabric that can be coated with Aluminium, Chromium, Titanium, or Gold and the metalized fabric side can have Copper, Gold or Special Designs printed on it. It’s unique appearance and solar control properties is resulting in it being specified by many of the World’s leading Architects for use in external facades, internal partitions an wall panels.

The benefits of the product include greatly improved thermal performance, reduction in glare and a unique depth in facade design by utilizing the degree dimensional effects of fabric. It’s use can often eliminate the need for Louvres or other Shading Devices. Other advantages include privacy for internal panels whilst not inhibiting the views from the interior and UV stable colour printing that allows for countless options for design or pattern without reading through to the inside of the building. The product is laminated within a sandwich of Kuraray Sentryglas Interlayers so displays the unique strength and post breakage properties associated with this material .



The following are a number of projects that have been successfully completed by Sefar Inlaid Partners and which demonstrate what can be achieved with this very special product.



Switchable Privacy Glass

Electrically Switchable Glasses can provide Instant Privacy.  People can look through Glass and have a clear view inside. At the flick of a switch the Glass becomes opaque and they can see nothing. The switch is flicked again and clear vision returns. Hotel Bathrooms are transformed instantly into Private Areas, Patients in Hospital Examination Rooms can feel more at ease, Executive Meetings at Company Offices can proceed with greater Privacy and Security. Many similar uses are possible.

Saudi American Glass are the sole Gulf Regional Representatives of Smartglass International  who are one of the World’s leaders in the Technology of Electrically Switchable Glasses with a long and successful track record in the field. The following Video shows just a few of the many Projects that they have done.


(Video Credit: smartglass)


man on top of sentryglass interlayerSentryglas Interlayers for Laminated Glasses are up to 100 times stiffer and 5 times stronger than traditional PVB Interlayers. They were originally developed for markets such as High Security Glazing and Hurricane Windows but Architects and Engineers Worldwide have now realised that they have a much wider range of uses. The increase in Glass Performance achieved by using Sentryglas results in Laminated Glasses being able to withstand greater Loads , to resist greater Impacts , and to have vastly superior Post Breakage properties.

The main purpose of Glass is to enable Daylight to enter into Buildings whilst preventing the Elements from doing so. The additional strength of Sentryglas enables larger sizes of Glass to be used to withstand Wind Loads. Larger sizes mean more Daylight with less Framing.

Saudi American Glass are one of a very few Certified Laminators of Sentryglas Interlayers in the Middle East . We are able to use it to supply Laminated Glass in bigger sizes for Glass Floors, in thinner Multi Laminates for Bullet Resistance , in Frameless Glazing where higher stress loads are needed , and in a variety of other applications where higher levels of both Security and Protection are needed.  One of these is Balustrades where the Post Breakage properties of Sentryglas give it a massive advantage . The following Video shows just how important this can be :



Vitroglaze , manufactured by Cyndan Chemicals of Australia, is a permanent  coating that prevents the adhesion and build up of contaminants onto glass surfaces. It also provides water and oil repellent properties to help keep glass in pristine condition.

Saudi American Glass can supply all of their glasses with Vitroglaze Non Stick, Easy Clean Coating. Architects, Specifiers and Designers are increasingly asking for Self Cleaning Coatings for the Glass on their Buildings in order to protect and maintain the aesthetic integrity of their Projects. Vitroglaze provides them with what they need.


  • Etching & deterioration
Caused by:
  • Salt spray
  • Chlorine
  • Pollution
  • Hardwater deposits
  • Contaminants


The seemingly smooth surface of glass consists of microscopic ridges and valleys which creates a favorable environment for the buildup of contaminants such as soap scum, hard water deposits and grime.

In time, the glass surface will visibly dull and become difficult to clean. This will result in high maintenance and premature replacement costs due to deterioration.

With Vitroglaze you don’t need to use harsh cleaning products or spend hours in the shower scrubbing… just one quick wipe daily and you’re out the door.

Vitroglaze is a permanent coating that prevents the adhesion and buildup of contaminants onto the glass surface. It also provides water and oil repellent properties.

Working similar to non-stick cookware, your glass will become easier to clean, without the need for harsh chemicals. Vitroglaze saves valuable time and effort, guaranteed.