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The Saudi American Glass range of Laminated Glasses provide Protection and Security in many ways . Resistance to manual attacks from bandits and vandals, safety from accidental explosions and bomb blasts , resistance to threats from many weapons fired by both robbers and terrorists , and protection from unwanted noise for hotel guests , airport passengers, and many others. The composition of the laminated glass determines the level of safety provided.


bullet resistant glassProtection from Ballistic Attack has become an increasingly important necessity. What was once a need just in High Risk Areas like Bank Counter Screens and certain Military Locations has now become necessary in many more places. Guardhouses, Ministry Buildings, Key Industrial Offices, and areas where it is felt possible Assassination attempts on VIPs could occur are now all felt to need Bullet Resistant Glasses .

Saudi American Glass have available a wide range of Bullet Resistant Glasses that are Tested to comply with the requirements of the World’s most widely recognized and adopted Standards. This means that for whatever Threat Level it is felt that Protection must be given against a Bullet Resistant Glass from Saudi American Glass is available.

A full list of these available Glasses, and the Standard to which they have been Tested, is given below :

I. European Standard (EN 1063:2000)

II. Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL 752)

III. National Institute of Justice(NIJ 0108.01)

IV. Special (No International Standard)

Note: Test Reports are available at Saudi American Glass upon request.

Sledgehammer-breaking-glassGlass provides clear vision both into and out of Buildings . It is also the most vulnerable point of attack for intruders trying to gain unwanted access to these Buildings. Saudi American Glass have a range of Laminated Glasses , tested in accordance with the requirements of European Standard EN356, designed to prevent them from doing so . The Standard has Eight Classifications  ranging from providing Protection to a normal Residence in a busy area where the attacker has little time to act and the Building contents are of a fairly low value, right through to Jewelers Shop Windows where very expensive items may be on Display.

These Classifications are described in the following Table and a Glass that will provide Protection against each of them can be supplied .



One of the biggest causes of injury and even death resulting from both Accidental Explosions and Bomb Blasts has been shown to be shards of broken Glass. The Force of an Explosion outside a Building can result in these lethally sharp shards flying around inside and putting occupants at great risk of injury. Equally concerning is that the massive drop in Air Pressure in areas close to where an Explosion has just occurred results in Glasses being sucked out of their Frames and flying around dangerously. It was noted that in one recent such Bomb Blast more injuries resulted from flying Glass than from the Blast itself.

blast over pressureblast protection hazard rating






Saudi American Glass have available Software that enables us to calculate and predict what thickness and make up of Laminated Glass in any particular size needs to be used in order for a Building Designer to know what Protection Level ,as defined by the US General Service Administration ( GSA ) and ASTM F1642, will exist for his Glasses under any given Size of Explosion . These Protection Levels are shown in the following Table that has been taken from the GSA Standard :

GSA Performance Criteria


Noise has been defined as the type of Sound that is considered to be Disturbing, Annoying, or Painful. It is a Hazard and can lead to serious health problems if acceptable Levels of Protection are not put in place to insulate against these harmful effects. One of the most likely places through which Noise can enter a Building is its Windows. It is therefore essential that the Windows in places like Hotel Bedrooms, Airport Arrival & Departure Lounges, Offices near to Noisy Industrial Facilities or heavily used Highways are well Insulated in order to prevent an unacceptable amount of this Noise passing through them .

Saudi American Glass can advise on and provide Glasses that will  give this Insulation. We have available Software that enables us to predict or calculate both the STC Ratings (American) and Rw Values (European) of any Glass – Single, Laminated or Insulating Glass Unit. This can even be improved upon by using special Sound Control PVB Interlayers in the calculations of the performance of our Laminated Glasses. Once we are told the Audicity Level that exists and the Audicity Level that is considered to be acceptable we will then know either the STC Rating or Rw Value of the Glass that needs to be used. We can then advise what Glass should be used, along with a suitable framing system , to achieve this. The below Chart will be helpful in deciding this: